War Daddies Mobile Recording

After numerous attempts, schedules finally aligned and Night Owl Recording was able to record with Austin legends the War Daddies. Allen Kyle set up a mobile studio in Sam's home office at War Daddy Headquarters in Buda, Texas, and over two days captured 15 solid tunes.  All songs are one-takes, with NO overdubs, and the results are absolutely amazing.  Check back in soon for updates and release dates.  

Night Owl's SDR was used for this one with True Systems preamps on the drums, Mackie 800r pres on the instruments, and ATI pres on the vocals, room, and ride cymbal.   

To check out more of one of the most talented, fun-loving groups in the area click here.  These guys rock!
Night Owl Recording mobile recording studio setup in Buda, Texas with the War Daddies

Bret is about to lay down some solid beats for the War Daddies mobile audio recording in Buda, Texas

Night Owl Recording rig on location for the War Daddies live mobile location audio recording in Buda, Texas