About Us

Night Owl Recording LLC is a service-based event and audio production business that has been serving the Austin and central Texas area since 2002.

Located in the heart of the vibrant, creative music capital of the world, Night Owl Recording can conceptualize, coordinate, manage, and execute the technical requirements of your next live event.  In partnership with local production companies we help negotiate the best price, coordinate equipment logistics and personnel, and ultimately manage onsite for a flawless event, so you don't have to.  With over a decade of experience in live event production and service-based hospitality, you can trust Night Owl Recording LLC as a partner in your next production.

Also specializing in mobile, location audio recording, Night Owl Recording LLC is equipped with a modular 24-track with backup audio recording system that can come to you. From clubs to stadiums we can record anytime, anywhere, and hundreds of live recordings later we just about have. Recorded artists include Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), Billy Joe Shaver, Mudhoney, Jack Ingram, the Texas Tornadoes, Voivod, Cory Morrow, Bush, and many others. High-quality audio recording equipment includes a Presonus Studiolive AI console, Pro Tools 12, JoeCo Blackbox multi-track recorders, and ATI and True Systems preamps. 

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Dripping Springs, Texas

Company type

Privately Held

Company size

0-2 employees


Event Production, Technical Coordination, Mobile Audio Recording, Vectorworks CAD, Pro Tools, and Live Sound

Top Client Testimonial

To whom it may concern,

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Allen Kyle for four major events over the past two years, and I cannot say enough about his attention to detail and overall demeanor. The level of detail, effort, and organization that he provides allows for a seamless experience to our event attendees while simultaneously making my job as event planner easier. No one can compare to Allen and his team.

When I first met Allen, he was recovering from an injury, and I’ll never forget him quickly hobbling to me to introduce himself with the kindness and professionalism that I quickly came to know him for. At first, I was concerned – for his safety as well as the success of the event with his injury – but he quickly put me at ease. That was an underestimation on my part. Allen is extremely good-natured, and the phrase “detail-oriented” is not quite strong enough to describe him. As someone who also likes to operate at a high level of detail, I identified with his style. I knew he had everything coordinated, and I greatly appreciated his direct work with the hotel and convention center to be sure the room sets were correct and stage dimensions were what we needed.

Fast forward to the next year and the next two back-to-back events that just took place in March, 2018. As the second yearly experience with Allen and his team, I was even more impressed and happy with his performance than the year prior – which is saying a lot. Allen and I immediately reconnected on-site and it felt like we’ve been working together for years, not just once a year for two years. Together, he and I ran through all the details of the event, the run of show, and the breakout session room sets. When we had an issue with our video production, Allen and his team provided suggestions on what could be done to use what we had without it being noticeable to the audience. When our awards presenter skipped one recipient, Allen and his team switched to the next video and then switched back to the one that was missed. It was visually seamless and shows just how much the AV team was paying attention and how much pride they take in their work. I’m incredibly impressed with Allen and his leadership.

I know this is a professional reference, but I feel like I’d be missing an opportunity if I left out comments about his character. It may sound extreme, but I believe Allen to be one of the most genuinely kind people that I have ever met. He makes everyone feel comfortable around him, and he provided me with a lot of emotional support during our events that was in no way required of him. He’s empathetic, kind, humble, and extremely caring. These traits on top of his level of work are extremely rare, and my hope is that those around him can appreciate Allen for all that he brings to the table. Under-appreciating him would be a tragedy, as he deserves so much recognition for who he is.

Sincerely, Laura Harris Water Furnace International